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FLORIDA PINTO 2017 Membership forms click here to download:  fptha membership 2017.pdf

EMAIL your show ENTRY  forms to :  showsecretary@floridapainthorseclub.com.

Also please check out our new FACEBOOK page where we are trying to keep all our members up to date. 

NEW NEW NEW .... Year end award qualificatons for Florida Pinto .  PLEASE REMEMBER to review the new requirements for the year end Pinto awards.  You must now show to 50% + one judge to qualify for year end.  Points will no longer be retroactively accumulated your points don’t start counting towards awards until you are officially a paid member of the club.  Also you must join the club NO later than the March 2017 show to be eligible for year end awards.  All details are on the 2017 membership forms.

January 2017 Highpoint Winners

Amateur W/T - Gwen Ayers

Novice Youth - Abby Wilcox

Novice Amateur - Anne Kelly

Youth 13-U - Jessica Barker

Youth 14-18 Abby Wilcox

Amateur - Maggie Nipper

Open - As If / Terry Giles

March 2017 Highpoint Winners

Solid Bred - Hannah Ann Brock

Amateur W/T - Marjie Wenger

Novice Youth - Gracie Thompson

Novice Amateur - Anne Kelly

Youth - Gracie Thompson

Amateur - Anne Kelly

Open - Erich / Emily Lovett

Mini Horse Division - Jennifer Duda La Grange

For any of our shows please contact                                    Liza Houghton (407) 718-0674 or                                    Amanda Palmer (727) 430-0515.                                                 All our 2015 shows will be held at the                               Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

download florida pinto membership form click on file below:

fptha membership 2017.pdf

Welcome to Florida Pinto’s home on the web: (updated 5/17/17)

Thanks so much to our Florida Members for such a great 2016.  We are preparing for the last show before the summer break.  The show will be held on May 27-28 and is a Paint/Pinto show. If you click on the this link May Memorial Day Mane Event showbill Sat-Mon.pdf  you can download the showbill.  If you would also like to download the entry form click on this MAy 2017 ENTRY form Combined shows Pinto Paint.pdf .  Please email entry forms to showsecretary@floridapainthorseclub.com or fax to 877-684-3056.

Here are the point standing for the FPtHA as of 3.31.17 PINTO POINTS 2017 3.31.17  .pdf.

Here is a link to a pdf form of the FINAL 2016 Year End standings PINTO POINTS 2016 Year End.pdf for the Florida Pinto Horse Association.   Please remember that you must have joined the club by the March 2016 show and have shown to 50% + 1 judge to be eligible for year end awards.  If you have any questions regarding your points please contact Lisa Graham  you can click on her name to send her an email.

Below are some great examples of the Year End awards for our club.

We have finalized our 2017 show schedule : Florida Paint Pinto 2017 show dates 8.24.16.pdf