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FLORIDA PINTO 2019 Membership forms click here to download:  fptha membership 2019.pdf

EMAIL your show ENTRY  forms to :  showsecretary@floridapainthorseclub.com.

Also please check out our new FACEBOOK page where we are trying to keep all our members up to date. 

NEW NEW NEW .... Year end award qualificatons for Florida Pinto .          PLEASE REMEMBER to review the new requirements for the year end Pinto awards.  You must now show to 50% + one judge to qualify for year end.  Points   will no longer be retroactively accumulated your points don’t start counting towards awards until you are officially a paid member of the club.  Also you must join the club NO later than the March show to be eligible for year end awards.  All details are on the membership forms.

For any of our shows please contact                      

Liza Houghton (407) 718-0674 or

Amanda Palmer (727) 430-0515.                                                

download florida pinto membership form click on file below:

fptha membership 2019 CLICK HERE.pdf

FPtHA Membership terms and conditions:

2019 FPtHA Club Membership terms & conditions  12.31.18.pdf

Welcome to Florida Pinto’s home on the web:

In our efforts to provide privacy for our members we have made some changes to our membership forms as well we have devised a membership terms and conditions for all members for 2019 and moving foward.  Below is the link for the 2019 membership forms as well as the Terms and Conditions.

fptha membership 2019 click here to download.pdf

2019 Show Dates 1.26.19.pdf

2019 FPtHA Membership terms & conditions  12.31.18 click here to view.pdf

We had a great show in January some great numbers, new faces and lots of fun. We are looking forward to the next Florida Pinto show in March “The Linda Lewis Memorial Show”.  Showbill Give Cancer the Boot - Linda Lewis Memorial March April 2019 show  3.6.19 FINAL.pdf   Our show in November will be held at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, FL.

  PINTO POINTS December 2018-FINALCOPY.pdf

For up to date details regarding our shows please visit our Facebook Page Florida Pinto Horse Association or that of our sister club The Official Florida Paint Horse Club. 

Thanks to all the members who joined us at our Annual meeting. The membership voted and voted in changes to the club bylaws by unanimous vote.  Here are the revised club bylaws Florida Pinto Constitution and bylaws last amended 11.30.18.pdf

We have opened the floor for 2 director positons, nominations will be accepted thru December 3rd at 6:45pm email your nominations to:  Flpintoassoc@gmail.com these nominations will be reviewed by the EC of FPtHA and all nominees who meet FPtHA guidelines will be contacted to make sure they accept their nominations.

UPDATE: as of Monday 12/3/18 at 6:45 we only had two nominations for the two open Board positions.  As our newly revised bylaw reads if the election is uncontested no election will be held.  Thanks to our returning BOD members Ellen Waidner and Kristen Venable we appreciate you volunteering your time to the club and we are looking forward to a great 2019 Show Season.

Our pending 2019 show schedule :

January 19th               2 judges one day APHA/PtHA Ocala FL

March 29th-30th        2 judges One Day APHA/PtHA Tampa, FL

May 25-26                   4 Judges APHA/PtHA  Tampa, FL  

October 5                   2 Judges APHA/PtHA New Smyrna Beach, FL

November 22-24        4 Judges Three Days APHA / AQHA/ PtHA  Tampa, FL